Who Are We?

I bet you want to know about us!? I'm happy to tell you! 

I'm Sarah, mother to Samara, Jacob, Ella, Emma and Olivia and wife to Ryan. I started this farm in 2009 after moving back to my hometown and wanting to feed my kiddos better than what I could get at the store. As my farm grew, more people flocked to what I was doing...asking for me to grow for them! Turns out, its HARD to find good food you can trust!

So, I grew good food and alongside my husband, we turned it into a fulltime job for both of us! We are so proud to .

In 2021, at 8 months pregnant, we packed up our 2 littlest kiddos, most of our farm animals and way too many pets and headed to beautiful central Kentucky and began to rebuild our farm! My youngest was born just 3 weeks after we got here!!

Now, we run the farm with our smallest girls and raise healthy natural meats for our community!